Shaping your brand voice, word by word.

It's something you've been told to do for years, as far back as your high school English classes: Define your voice. Voice is sometimes talked about as some ineffable je ne sais quoi. It's something that's felt more than defined.

But in reality, voice—the elements of personality that make a brand or person so distinctly themselves—can and should be defined. Voice can have a huge impact on how much consumers trust or care about a brand. And that matters, because customers are far more likely to spend money with a reliable brand than an unreliable one.

Becky helps you define, shape and sustain your voice, crafting consistency and scalability for growth.

Commercial Demos

Animation Demos

Becky’s voice and style turns on a dime.
— Nancy Wolfson, Braintracks Audio
Amazing turn around time! Becky had 30 different scripts to read and she turned them around in less than 2hrs. Fantastic!
— Andrew Marinari, Comcast Spotlight
Yet another amazing job from Becky. 2 More thumbs up! (That’s about 10 thumbs by now)
— David Marcus, Creative Motion Graphics