If you’re in North America, it’s hard to miss the voice of Becky Shrimpton. With hundreds of voice projects to her credit for brands like Disney, American Express, Samsung, Home Depot, Glad, Survey Monkey, Monster High and Casper Mattresses, her experience and warmth shines through every read.

As the voices of Funtime Chica and Bon Bon in the hit game series Five Nights at Freddy’s, Nurse Helen Flood and as of Season 11, Fire Fighter Penny Morris on Amazon Prime’s US version of Fireman Sam, Becky loves to delight (and freak out) kids of all ages.

Acting since the age of 12, Becky formalized her training obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of British Columbia, and studying classic theatre in Oxford, England with the British American Drama Academy. She continues her professional growth to this day with private voice and acting classes with top international coaches, like Nancy Wolfson of Brain Tracks Audio and Emmy Award Winner Susan Hart.

For three years, Becky has been a professional podcaster and a pop-culture commentator on The Royal Canadian Movie Podcast. There, she speaks with and interviews all sorts of Canadian film industry experts from Academy Award to Canadian Comedy Award winners. In March, she’s co-hosting and co-writing a new podcast from The Globe Content Studio and Microsoft. AI Meets World explores how AI technology is changing the world around us and using sci-fi movies and TV to explain complex topics. 

She has a number of upcoming projects she can’t wait to share with the world, but she certainly has time to find out how she can make your project a success. Contact her today for a free quote and audition.

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